Tortuga Island | Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

The serene and beautiful Tortuga island is located northeast of the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, around the corner from where the ferry lands in Paquera, in Costa Rica. It is most noted for its cluster of few magnificent brilliant pristine beaches, wonderful reserves and wildlife sanctuaries. The best way you can enjoy your trip to the Tortuga Island is to relax in the sun, overlooking the pristine blue waters of the Nicoya Gulf. You can also enjoy several water sport activities at this island, such as sea kayaking, scuba diving or snorkeling. There are plenty of options to get here from various locations in Costa Rica, including sailing, large catamarans, or faster power boats. Most of the hotels and tour agencies can arrange a day trip, probably launching from Montezuma, to give their guests every opportunity to experience the amazing beauty of Costa Rica’s water and coast.

Tortuga Island – An Ideal Holiday Destination

Tortuga Island is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations of Costa Rica. Sandwiched between Pacific Ocean’s crystal Tortuga Islandclear water and verdurous green jungles, the isle is a heavenly sanctuary for nature enthusiasts and sports lovers. Enjoy being surrounded by eye catching panoramas, an array of sporty opportunities and an abundant wildlife. The island is named after its turtle like volcanic rock formations. East to Tortuga Island, a popular nature reserve by the name of Curu Wildlife Refuge, is found. It is a gorgeous getaways for those who adore nature and the outdoors. Moreover, there are two isolated and quite alluring islands nearby Tortuga, called Isla Alcatraz and Isla Tolinga. These islands are perfectly amazing for a family respite, a romantic couple’s retreat and fun adventures with your friends.

Tortuga Island Tours

You will find many companies and accommodations which organize trips to Tortuga Island by boat rides and ferries. The boat ride is usually 90 minutes long and the journey begins from Jaco and Puntarenas. During the ride to Tortuga Island, travelers will be subjected to mesmerizing scenes of reddish rocks, volcanic rock formations, rusty sand crystals and numerous sparkling crystals lining the shorelines. Upon reaching the isle, an image of picturesque beauty will welcome you. The weather is sunny and nice most of the time and tourists can have a great time enjoying great activities like swimming, snorkeling, sea kayaking, a ride on a glass bottom boat, hiking the trails, exploring the forests, playing a fun game of volleyball, canopy tours and zip lining tours, watching the birds and having a leisurely picnic with your loved ones. Tortuga Island’s main pursuits are snorkeling and scuba diving. The snorkel points are well lit by the piercing sunlight and the water is flourishing with a wide range of mystical sea creatures. Take a dip and enjoy superb water beauties up close. Most commonly seen species are sting-rays, manta-rays, reef sharks, octopuses, spotted eagle rays, playful spinner dolphins, morays, needle fishes and angel fishes.

Amenities Available on Tortuga Island

All the useful facilities are readily available on this island such as washrooms, gift shops, tents, picnic tables, umbrellas, beach chairs and food stands.

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