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The Healing Cuisine is a whole organic food company that specializes in gourmet allergen and gluten free super foods. Their aim is to teach personal growth, vibrant health, and clarity of the mind, body and spirit. At The Healing Cuisine, they create foods that are healthy and delicious in accordance with what is best for our bodies and the planet. The Healing Cuisine is located in the tropical city called Santa Teresa in Costa Rica. The company offers healing respites, cooking courses and workshops, a healthy raw food diet, juice cleansing programs, a platform for organic shopping, private chef services. All the meals prepared by them are not only delicious but also super healthy as they are lactose and gluten free. Rejuvenate yourselves with The Healing Cuisine in an ambiance of Pacific breeze, sun kissed beaches and verdurous greenery.

The Healing Cuisine is owned and operated by Joanne has been working in the fields of Culinary Arts and Holistic Nutrition since 1991. The Healing CuisineShe is originally from Canada and moved to Costa Rica to pursue her passion as a career. Today she is running a successful business in Santa Teresa along with her husband, Kevin, and two kids.

Costa Rica Retreat – A Clean Getaway

With The Healing Cuisine, get to experience “A Clean Getaway” in Costa Rica. The holiday package offers a perfect opportunity for you to cleanse and revivify yourself. The package include accommodation in the company’s boutique hotel for 6 nights, 3 raw meals a day, yoga practice in the morning, surf classes on the beach, a juice cleanse program that starts on a third day and a tropical breakfasts that consist of fresh fruits. All the meals are enriched with vitamins and nutrients that highly enhance the health. The package also features luxurious spa treatments, massage therapies, guided evening mediations, energy healing classes, documentary movie nights and Living Foods Made Easy workshops. Guests can also get super healing treatments such as Hydrocolonic Therapy, Reiki and Energy Healing Session, Detox Body Wrap and Facials. You can reserve a spot through online booking.

Organic Shopping Service

The Healing Cuisine offers a great platform for you to shop amazing healthy food stuff and other organic materials right from your home. You can choose any item from the list given on their website and the company will deliver it to your doorstep in Santa Teresa. It is recommended that you order the things at least two weeks before. The items include organic herbs, spices, vegetables, fruits, white meat, red meat, snacks, chocolates and even organic and natural toiletries such as sun screens, soap, shampoos and lotions!

Contact The Healing Cuisine

Phone Number: +506 8918-4699
Location: 70 m north of Super Fresco, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
Type: Classes, Workshops, Chef Services, Organic Food Company

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