Spa : Santa Teresa | Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Are you looking for a spa or a resort with spa service in Santa Teresa ? Prepare yourself to indulge into health therapies and spa services on the pristine beach of Santa Teresa. Spa is an amazing way to divert yourself from the stress triggers and is not only beneficial for your body but also for your mind.

It  is a way to pamper yourself and not an extravagance. Spa gives a number of health benefits and includes therapeutic massages which relax your body and mood. There are special spas which help in the management of pains and aches.

Choose a retreat or hotel with spa if you want to blend a wide variety of adventure activities with an experience of health and wellness.

You will be surprised to know that the cost of spa services in Costa rica is less as compared to United States or Europe. The laid-back beach town of Santa Teresa provides ideal setting to practice spas. This is one of the primary reasons why most of the hotels and retreats in Santa Teresa are more inclined towards the concept of providing spa services to their guests.

The following hotels and retreats offer spa services to their guests :

Casa Zen Yoga Retreat¬

Casa Zen is a hotel which is situated on the southern part of Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. The entire setting is inspired by Asian culture. Yoga and spa services are opened for visitors as well as guests. However, you might have to book an appointment for availing the massage services.Lush green gardens and mural of Buddha add to the serene ambiance of the place.

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Florblanca Resort¬

Florblanca is a perfect getaway for couples and honeymooners. Visitors are welcomed by the aromatic reception of the spa Bambu. It is opened from from morning 10 till 8 in the evening. It offers various body treatments, facials, scrubs, wraps and aesthetics. Apart from the guests staying in Florblanca, visitors from outside can also avail spa services here. It also has a large Jacuzzi where guests can relax under a bamboo sheltered sky.

Hotel Tropico Latino

Located in Santa Teresa, Tropico Latino offers facials, massages, exfoliation,  body wraps and beauty therapies.  The products used are purely organic and comprise of fresh local produce like papaya, honey, lime etc.  The beach-side spa is done under the supervision of professional therapists. If you are looking for spa before your wedding or for honeymoon, there are special spa packages offered by the hotel.

Vistas De Olas Hotel and Spa¬

Vistas De Olas is a hotel with spa services located in Malpais, Costa Rica. Tourists who are interested in spa services have wide variety of options in this hotel. Many of the styles which are offered in Viastas De Olas range from Thai to deep tissue massages, Reiki to hot stone therapies. Guests can get treated with organic facials made from fresh fruits, honey and lime. They can also avail sea-salt and tropical citrus scrubs followed by volcanic clay body wraps.

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Kelea Surf Spa

Kelea spa was started initially in Hawaii. It brought the concept of ‚ÄėSurf Spa‚Äô to the world. Kelea Spa is situated in hotel Ritmo Tropical in Malpais. Guests can pamper themselves with various types of massages after ¬†a long day of surfing at Kelea Spa. A wide variety of organic body wraps are available for people who want to nourish and¬†moisturize¬†their skin. Acupuncture is also available at this spa.

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Beija Flor¬

Hotel Beija Flor is situated in Malpais, Costa rica. It provides therapeutic therapies and has therapists from various backgrounds. It offers the following spa services :

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Casa Chameleon

Casa Chameleon is a luxury boutique hotel situated in Malpais, Santa Teresa. It  offers exclusive packages for honeymooners and couples. The following spa services are provided in this resort:

  • Couples Spa
  • Sports Massages
  • Facials
  • Pedicures and Manicures
  • Body scrubs and¬†exfoliations