Snorkeling in Santa Teresa | Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Snorkeling is one of the most popular attractions for vacationers in Costa Rica. If you know to swim and check out the biological diverse wildlife of the tropical ocean, just put on a mask and enjoy the colorful underwater world of Costa Rica. You can find local snorkeling spots in the rocks and reefs which separate the Santa Teresa beach from other beaches which are nearby. Costa Rica’s close proximity to the equator, nutrient rich water and many micro climes highly affect the biodiversity. The Pacific border of the country has a more variegated marine life as compared to the Caribbean region. The best time to snorkel is during low tides when small pools are formed when water recedes. If you are lucky enough, you can find Butterfly fish, Night sergeant fish, Red light Goby, Cardinal fish, Soldier fish, Angelfish, Hog fish, Parrot fish, Barber fish, Box fish, Idol, whales, dolphins, sea turtles, eels, manta rays, shark and many more awesome sea creatures.

Aquatic sports lovers can find a huge number of colorful reefs, caves, rock formations and tiny dots of islands in Costa Rica that are offer idyllic setting for snorkeling. As Santa Teresa is on the Pacific region, summer season offers the best time to go snorkeling. The months from December to April are great. About 650 different marine species are found in the Pacific Ocean particularly during the month of December. If you go snorkeling from October to December, you will probably get a good glimpse of humpback whales and pilot whales which are migrating to Antarctic from the Pacific waters. Leather-back turtles and Olive Ridley sea-turtle are also seen. The towns and isles located nearby Santa Teresa which are good for snorkeling are Mal Pais, Tortuga Island, Isla del Cano, Bat Island and Catalina Island. Moreover, there are various dive and snorkel shops and companies that proffer snorkeling classes, equipment and tours in reasonable prices.

A Snorkeling Trip to Tortuga Island

Tortuga island is among the famous snorkeling destinations in Nicoya Peninsula. It is a good site for amateurs due to its calm, clear snorkeling in costa ricawaters and little currants. You can see different species of colorful fish and sea turtles around this island. There are two small islands in-front of Tortuga. You can choose full day tour of this island. The tour packages are inclusive of snorkeling gear, drinks and lunch on the island. The average rates are $50 per person (including two trips of the island). There are various shops located on the beach which rent snorkeling equipment. You can also take guidance from professional snorkeling instructors. There are many local service providers and hotels which arrange trips to the island for tourists. Tortuga Island Snorkeling Tour and Mal Pais Tours take about $ 50 per person including 2 trips to the island along with cold drinks, full lunch, beer, fresh tropical fruits, snorkeling gear and English speaking guides.

Snorkeling in Tortuga Island

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