Scuba Diving in the Santa Teresa Area | Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a perfect destination for adventure travelers. It has plenty of things to do and see. For nature lovers, the region offers ideal conditions to view abundant wildlife thriving in their natural environment.

Scuba diving is one of the best ways to have a glimpse of the beautiful under-water marine life of Costa Rica. Ideal temperatures, wide variety of marine life and giant schools of fish attract large number of tourists around the world every year.

Scuba diving has achieved new heights in Santa Teresa with professional diving courses as well as high quality shops which provide dive gear rental services.  There are several groups and travel agencies in and around this place that arrange excursions and underwater trips for tourists. They have highly experienced staff which will help you in making your vacation fun and exiting.

If you are staying in Santa Teresa, apart from local diving areas, the best diving place is Tortuga island. It takes one hour from Santa Teresa to reach Tortuga Island.

The island has some outstanding dive spots which give opportunities to  experience the colorful marine life.  You can spot white tip sharks, yellow tails, turtles, star-fish, angel fish, sea horses, frog-fish, different species of eels, massive schools of grunt. If you are lucky enough you can spot 35 feet long whale sharks as well as pilot whales, humpback whales, spinner dolphins and schools of Mobulas and numerous cow-nosed rays. The island is also famous around the world as it is the only area in Central America and Costa Rica with three sunken boats. The place has abundant vibrant underwater marine life which can be seen during day as well as during night diving.Most of the tour providers pick tourists from hotels who are then driven to Montezuma. A boat ride from Montezuma takes 45 minutes to reach Tortuga island. The boat ride can be loud and bumpy but you’ll know it’s worth it when you see the scenic view of the surroundings.

Anamaya Resort

Anamaya offers a week-long yoga retreat where you’ll also get a scuba diving certification. They work with a local dive team to award students with a CMAS certification, which is recognized worldwide, and created by Jacques Cousteau himself. Anamaya Scuba Certification and Yoga

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