Ambrosia Restaurant Santa Teresa | Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Restaurante Ambrosia is a restaurant and cafe situated in a tropical beach town called Santa Teresa on the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica. Santa Teresa is a popular tourist destination visited by thousands of people every year, especially nature and sport lovers. The town is famous for its surf breaks, glorious white sand beach, recreational activities, lovely accommodations, beautiful surroundings and many other facilities and sport options. Restaurante Ambrosia is set in a lush green surrounding. Guests can enjoy delicious meals against a backdrop of crystal blue Pacific Ocean and blooming scenery of the tropical country.

Restaurante Ambrosia is a charming open air cafe with a pretty yellow building offering a wide range of international cuisines. The Restaurante Ambrosiamenu has many Italian options that include scrumptious sandwiches, pasta and different kinds of lasagna. Guests will be delighted to find several kids of juicy burgers that are rich and full of flavor. Some of the best burgers include American ham burger, Chewbacca burger with blue cheese mayo, Cowboy and Big Jerk burgers, spicy tuna burger with crispy fries and many more! The restaurant presents a range of local cuisines as well that mostly includes fresh sea food. One of the most popular local dishes is mango and coconut encrusted catch of the day which is usually sea bass or mahi mahi. Other delicious dishes are spicy buffalo fingers, chicken wings, and various types of rich sauces, chicken casoda, chicken fajitas and pastas.

Restaurante Ambrosia is a superb place for all sorts of occasions. Be it a lively family dinner with children, a romantic candle light dinner, large groups of friends enjoying a hearty meal, having a business meeting or a quick bite on the way – Restaurante Ambrosia will satisfy all your needs without stretching on your budget. Special occasions like birthdays and wedding anniversaries are also celebrated. The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor settings. Whether it is a simple espresso or a full course meal, Restaurante Ambrosia is a perfect place to satisfy your appetite and tantalize your taste buds.

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Location : 75 m west of Flor Balnca, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Cuisines :International Cuisines

Dining options :Breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner, reservations, take-outs, delivery, desserts,

Opening Hours: 10am to 9pm Mon-Sat

Phone Number: 506 2640 0918


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