Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica | Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Playa Hermosa means “beautiful beach” and it was named that by the foreigners who moved to the Santa Teresa area in the past few decades. 

Playa Hermosa is a gorgeous beach located just north of Santa Teresa. It was actually known as San Martin but the tourists began to call it ‘the beautiful beach’ due to which its name stuck. It is the least developed of the four sections of the Malpais and Santa Teresa area of Costa Rica, and many think it has the best beach. The sand is not as white as Santa Teresa, but the beach is much broader, and it’s great for boogie boarding. The surfing is awesome too, and it has a right-hand point break. There are at least three surf camps at Playa Hermosa, and many others bring their beginner students here. The waves can become huge here however (up to 20 feet) and like most beaches, when the surf is gigantic, it can be dangerous. Just south of the main beach of Playa Hermosa is an incredible, huge tidepool in front of Hotel El Rey Patricio, which is a favorite spot for families to take their kids at low tide to learn to swim or snorkel. This large protected pool also has a lot of beautiful sea creatures to see, and nothing dangerous so it’s very safe.

The best restaurant in the area, Koji’s, is also at Playa Hermosa. If you love Sushi, or Japanese food in general, check it out. It’s playa hermosaquickly become one of the favorite places to dine in the area.


Playa Hermosa has many popular accommodations. Some of them include:

Modern Beach Villas

Modern Beach Villas are oceanfront villas and a part of the White House property located in Playa Hermosa. The villas has two bedrooms, two bathrooms with the facility of indoor and outdoor showers. It can comfortably accommodate a family of four.

Casa Noche del Mono

Casa Noche del Mono is a vacation rental house located in Playa Hermosa. It consists of a large house and a casita and vacationers find the beautiful house a superb place to spend a holiday.

Shaka Beach Retreat Resort and Surf Camp

Shaka Beach Retreat Resort and Surf Camp is considered one of the top ten resorts of Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. Just north to Santa Teresa, the resort is sprawling on the white sand beach of Hermosa. . Entertaining families with kids, couples, friends and backpacker, Shaka Beach Resort has gained quite an excellent reputation in the beach town. It offers ultimate Costa Rican surf camp experience by featuring amazing surf and yoga packages.

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