Pizza Tomate | Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Offering a unique blend of Italian and Mediterranean menus, Pizza Tomate is a perfect place to start your day. It is located just 100 meters north of the Santa Teresa’s soccer field and public school in Costa Rica.

Pizza Tomate is a small Italian and Mediterranean restaurant owned and operated by a family. It was founded in 2001 and is considered one of the most popular eateries in Santa Teresa. The homemade tomato pizza is the trademark of their restaurant. The restaurant takes pride in only using the highest quality ingredients. All the ingredients have a gourmet quality and each item used is completely fresh and healthy. The place has an outdoor seating arrangement encompassed by a pretty garden and tropical skies that appeals to many guests. Begin your day by ordering a rich coffee and one of the many dishes mentioned in the menu. You can also warm yourself up with a hearty brunch or lunch. After the sun goes down, Pizza Tomate transforms into a charming spot perfect for romantic candle light dinners under a starlit sky. Have a delectable fusion of local, Italian and Mediterranean meals at Pizza Tomate with your loved ones in Santa Teresa.

The Menu of Pizza Tomate

Pizza Tomate has three types of menus; delivery menu, delivery menu and desserts. The restaurant menu includes numerous options pizza tomatelike omelettes, sandwiches, several types of salads, fresh fruit muesli, pastas, fish fillet, rice and veg, casado, schnitzel, rice with tuna or chicken, calson and of course a large number of pizzas with extra toppings. The most popular pizzas are Margarita, Four Cheese, Hawaiian, Pepperoni, Carbonara and Pizza Tomate. The restaurant menu has a wider range of dishes. Bolognese, fungi, Mediterranean, cream, anchovy supreme and Nicoise pizzas are also available. Pastas like tomato sauce pasta, olive oil pastas, cream sauce pastas and pesto are simply divine. Desserts of Pizza Toamte are just as popular as their pizzas. Tantalize your taste buds with chocolate cakes, cheese cakes, souffles, different kinds of ice creams, sweet rolls, puddings and panna cotta. During your vacation at Santa Teresa, a meal at Pizza Tomate is a must!

Contact Pizza Tomate

Location : 100 Meter North of Santa Teresa’s Soccer Field, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica



Rates: $5 -$ 15

Cuisine: Italian and Mediterranean

Dining options: Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner

Good for: Romantic Dates, Groups, Families, Outdoor Seating

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