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Ono Cuisine is known for their catering services. They provide in-house chef facilities, cater for weddings and other special occasions. The owner is Torsten, a chef from Germany with many years of experience and caters to many of the high end clients who visit the Mal Pais and Santa Teresa areas.

About Ono Cuisine Catering Services

Ono Cuisine CateringOno Cuisine is an amazing restaurant and catering service situated in the tropical town of Santa Teresa near Mal Pais in Costa Rica. It is owned and run by a chef, Torsten Radtke, who began his culinary career at the young age of 20 in his hometown, Hamburg, in Germany. He worked and freelanced at various restaurants, houses, parties, events and international companies with a large number of guests. In 2005, he moved to Mal Pais, Costa Rica. Gradually as he gained experience and became more professional and skillful, he made a decision to open his own restaurant by the name Ono Cuisine. Ono Cuisine presents a perfect fusion of European, German and several other international fares. The word ‘Ono’ is derived from a Hawaiian word that translates into ‘Delicious’. Once you have eaten a meal prepared by Chef Radtke, you will see how accurately the term Ono fits the restaurant. Ono Cuisine Catering Service and restaurant is superb for all sorts of events. Be it a lively feast for friends and family, a huge party thrown just for fun, a wedding reception, a sweet anniversary, a birthday party or a nostalgic reunion, Ono Cuisine will be there to help you arrange one of the most wonderful events of your life ever.

Ono Cuisine also offers cooking courses, formal dinners and buffets, drinks and bar services, wait staff services, meals for special events, cocktail parties, event planning and assistance with equipment, and consulting. For inspiration and ideas, you can check out and taste the sample menu that have delectable dishes such as Yellow Fin Tuna Poke with avocados, mango salsa and smoked paprika emulsion, Tempura Gulf of Nicoya Shrimps, Olive oil poached sea bass and desserts like pineapple compote and chocolate ice cream. Add a perfect touch to your wonderful vacation with the help of Ono Cuisines.

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Location: Near Mar Azul, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
Cuisines: International
Dining Options: Dinner, Lunch, Catering Services, and Reservations.
Caters For: Weddings, special occasions
Phone Number: 506-8718-6634
Website: http://www.onocuisine.com/

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