Ginger Cafe | Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Ginger Cafe Restaurant  is situated in the heart of the beach town of Santa Teresa on the southern mos tip of the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica. You can find it quite easily as it is located on the main street. It offers some wonderful breakfast, brunch and some lip-smacking lunch menus. The cafe has an inviting environment and is worth visiting after a dusty road hiking.

Delicious Food and a Perfect Location

Ginger Cafe Restaurant has a very cozy Italian vibe to it. Whether you are there with your kids, family, friends or special someone, The Ginger CafeGinger Cafe is a superb spot where you can enjoy yourself to the fullest. Order a delicious breakfast that consists of fresh croissants, sandwiches, omelettes and their famous and very tasty ginger tea which is served both hot and cold. If you are craving for something more sweeter and richer, you must try the smoothies, creamy pastries and cakes. The cafe is very affordable with a range of 3 to 35 dollars per person. Moreover, you can easily access it as it is situated in the center of the town nearby all the facilities. Ginger Cafe has an outdoor seating arrangement so you can enjoy the outdoors sitting on comfortable chairs and lovely surroundings.  The cafe is wholly protected from the main road so there is no dust that usually invades the area during the dry season.

 Amazing Customer Service

The cafe is owned and run by an Italian family. Ginger Cafe offers excellent customer services. Their staff is bilingual, flawlessly fluent in English and Spanish, so there is no trouble during communication. Moreover, they are very quick in delivering the orders, cordial and super attentive. The owners make sure that all the guests are comfortable and feel at home. If you are having a problem selecting a dish, you can request any of the staff members to help you out. Enjoy a hot croissant with a yummy ginger tea at Ginger Cafe.

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Location : 30 meters north of Playa Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Rates: Ranging from $3 – $35 per person

Cuisine: Local, European, Cafe

Dining options : Breakfast, brunch, reservations

Good For: Families, Large Groups, Kids, Friends, Couples

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