Fishing in Santa Teresa | Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Ocean fishing tours are a highlight of the classic Santa-Teresa visit. Enthusiasts  from all over drop in at the beach eager to don their sailing gear and be ocean-bound on a fishing boat. The Pacific Ocean in the region of Santa Teresa abounds with a wide variety of fish. Chances are bright that you’d catch yourself a wonderful dinner while actually basking in the sun atop a fishing boat.  Yellow Fin Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Snapper, Roosterfish and much more await your enthusiastic eye on board the signature Costa Rican fishing tours.

While out fishing, you’ll be getting to know your guide, upgrading your local fishing know-how and test your newly acquired skills in real time. Witness some of the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets, catch a glimpse of the reclusive sea-world and pamper yourself with a tan, all in the backdrop of the breathtaking Pacific Ocean.  In addition to fishing, there’s a good change you’ll see dolphins or whales, especially in whale season, which is August through January when they migrate to the area.  You can also spot sea turtles, jumping manta rays, and every once in a while, a whale shark or orca makes an appearance.

Booking a Fishing Trip

In Santa Teresa the best way to book a fishing trip is to head down to the Fishermen’s beach at the south end of Malpais. There you can find a fisherman and arrange something. But if you don’t speak Spanish and can’t bring anyone who does, then you can book a trip through your hotel or many of the travel/adventure offices around the area, such as Cocozuma.

You can also contact one of the Malpais fishing websites and book directly here:

Badlands Sportfishing
Phone: +506 8842-7673
Phone: +506 8983-7022
Email: pelagic72 @

Tiki Sportfishing
Phone: 2640-0147 cell- 8851-2084 / 8875-7277

Malpais Fishing Video: