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Located in the cliffs off the Mal Pais and Cabuya Road in the Costa Rican Province of Puntarenas, Casa Chameleon offers rich privacy where you can enjoy a seemingly endless eco-adventure. The luxurious appeal of this huge property makes you feel like you are a member of the Royal Family. But your Highness, be ready to shed some sweat and get your feet dirty as most of their private eco-adventures will take you to lush green forest and serene coastal beaches where you and your partner can enjoy it by yourselves exclusively. And this is the reason why modern travelers doing elegant adventures keeps coming back to Casa Chameleon Hotels spending $200 – $500 a night. As we proceed, you will realize that every penny you spend is all worth it.

Casa Chameleon Mal Pais

malpais-1Belonging to one of the few hotels in Mal Pais, Casa Chameleon Mal Pais stands in a remote wilderness setting made for you to experience tranquility away from the busy tourist sites. Located in one of the World’s Seven Blue Zone which is known for healthy living and longevity, Casa Chameleon Mal Pais is nestled between the surfing destination of Santa Teresa and Cabo Blanco Nature Preserve. This gives you an overwhelming sensation of true peace which is a rare characteristic for a luxurious tourist hotel.


malpais-2If you are contented with the scenic view Casa Chameleon Mal Pais offers, then you have the option to just stay in one of their 10 private villas, or should we say your home away from home, which is inspired by the rich taste of the modern explorer. You will appreciate the practical luxury of its open architecture that is all made by hand and is integrated in some way to its surrounding ecosystem. In effect, this gives you the feeling of the immensity of space while being one with nature. And of course, you will be relieved of not living in a closed-door confinement. Wait, we are not yet finish: each villa has its own infinity pool with spectacular view of the cliffs down to the beach which is considered one of the best hotel views in Mal Pais.

Despite the great views, we are pretty sure that you’ll not be spending your entire vacation in the confines of your villa and will want to explore the natural beauty of Mal Pais. Luckily there are many activities in the area…

Nearby Activities

As a primer for your eco-adventure, Mal Pais is one of the few places on Earth that offers a fine balance between mountainous forest and the vastness of the ocean.


malpais-5Most of the guests’ favorite sport is surfing and they often visit Casa Chameleon where the view of this mini-resort provides you with a clear sight of the waves of Mal Pais’ many point breaks and decide for yourself when you should head down to challenge the swell.

In case you are not familiar with surfing, however the seas and the thrill of adventure is calling you, surfing instructors will be very glad to teach you the basics of the sport and safely ride and cruise with the waves. Don’t worry if you do not have your own surfboard as there are boards for rent at a reasonable price.

Canopy Tour

malpais-3Allow us to start your adventure with the Mal Pais Canopy Tour. This spectacular adventure, elevated high above the grounds of Cabo Blanco Absolute Natural Reserve, takes you to feel the breeze of lush greenery composed of over 200 different tree species. If you are afraid of heights, instead of gliding over the trees, you can explore this nature reserve by foot where there is a number of established trails perfect for hiking, bird watching and wildlife appreciation.

Hiking and Nature Tripping

malpais-4A similar tour takes you to the southern tip of Nicoya Peninsula in Montezuma where a series of 9 cable lines and eleven platforms spanning over 1,200 meters (4,000 feet) in length awaits you. But the highlight of this event is the hiking tour in a lush forest that ends up in the cascading waterfalls surrounded with wild plants.


malpais-6Relax, sit back and let the gastronomic expertise of their talented Chefs go to work. The sumptuous gourmet cuisine at Casa Chameleon Mal Pais are inspired by the best of Costa Rica’s natural and healthy ingredients. They can even address your special dietary needs or if you have any food allergies where they can customize the menu prior to your arrival.



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