Yoga in Santa Teresa | Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Yoga in Santa Teresa | Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Practicing Yoga allows one to have better control over your mind and body. It improves the overall health as well. Yoga is a very popular activity in Malpais and Santa Teresa. The tranquil rain-forests and tropical beaches incarnate a perfect setting for practicing yoga, and is a perfect compliment for surfers as the postures help in stretching and strengthening one’s muscles. In addition yoga trains your body to have a much better sense of balance.  Experienced yogis may find that the tropical heat and humidity of Costa Rica helps one to stretch further and easier than in a colder climate.

Santa Teresa has yoga studios which offer various forms of yoga at convenient times of the day. Tourists can experience a blend of spiritual connection, relaxation, yoga and energy refueling in these yoga centers. Most of the classes are conducted in retreats and hotels.

Here is a list of all the yoga centers in Santa Teresa and Malpais :

Vajra Sol’s Costa Rica Yoga  retreat

Vajra Sol’s Yoga retreat is located in Santa Teresa, which is one of the best beaches known for its expansiveness and beauty. It allows you to  relax on the pristine Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. They also offer ‘Pure Costa Rica Yoga retreat’ for those who want deeper immersion into yoga. This session includes two daily yoga sessions. Vajra sol Yoga offers private and group Yoga lessons on the Nicoya Peninsula on the Pacific Costa of Costa rica. Please visit their website to get more details :

Casa Zen yoga retreat

Casa Zen Yoga offers 3-7 day yoga lessons.  The retreat welcomes guests with serene atmosphere and intimate interiors. It invites guests to relax and feel as if they are a part of the another world.

Horizon Yoga center

Daily yoga classes, special classes for pregnant women. Vinyasa, sivananda and Pilates mat.

Pranamar Yoga Retreat

International Yoga teachers, yoga workshops and yoga

Namastay Surf House 

Bed and Breakfast , two rooms with yoga classes.

Yoga & Spa Natural at Hotel Tropico Latino

Beachfront yoga deck.

The yoga studio at Nautilus

A comfy yoga center located at Nautilus resort.