Water Taxis Services in Jaco | Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Water Taxis Services in Jaco | Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Jaco is a beautiful, small resort city in Costa Rica. One of the modes of transportation to and from Jaco is that of Water Taxis, or, as others may call it, Water Boats. Water taxis are an adventure and the journey they offer is full of excitement filled with breath taking scenery of the azure water and its wonderful wildlife.

As far as getting to Jaco by a water taxis is concerned, the first thing any traveler must do is that they reach Montezuma beach. By air, you can reach Montezuma by flying from the Tambor Airport. Water Taxis run daily between Montezuma and Jaco. This mode of travel is simple, carefree, and quick!

The taxi boats are a great way to travel to and from Jaco. These fast speedboats can hold 10-29 people, depending on the quality of the boat and the company. They are a great way to get from the southern Nicoya Peninsula to the mainland. By using these water taxis, you can avoid the trip to the ferry and the long duration of the ferry journey. Its also the fastest way from Montezuma to San Jose if you don’t want to fly, as you can take this taxi boat to Jaco and then catch a bus or a taxi to the San Jose airport.

It is highly recommended to take the taxi boat. It saves time and is an extremely fun ride, making it worth the $40 price. You will get a chance to look at friendly dolphins, intimidating whales, flying fish, sea turtles, and manta rays that fill you with awe! The boat captain usually stops so you can have a closer look as well as take photographs.


The water taxis receive the splendid golden sun rays on its front. It is recommended to apply sunscreen to avoid sunburn and to sit in the back in the shade. However, you can always sit at some place where you feel the sun on your skin and get a lovely tan. It is also preferable to call the boat companies in advance. Ask about the schedule before you leave to take the water taxi, as sometimes rides get cancelled if the waves are too big.

Water Taxi Companies




Adults: Both companies charge US$40

Children 4-10 are half price.

Children up to age 3 are free.


Depart from Montezuma: 9:30am

Depart from Jaco/Herradura: 11:am