Public Bus | Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Public Bus | Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Buses are available at 6:00 am in the morning or 2:00pm in the afternoon at the  San Carlos bus station in downtown San Jose. Be mindful of your luggage and be wary o thieves lurking around, ready to walk off with your luggage while you’re distracted.

From the international airport, the bus leaves fro Puente de Villa Bonita (Villa Bonita Bridge). It reaches the bridge 20 minutes after its departure time in San Jose.

The bus will first head to Puntarenas, and then on to the ferry. When you reach the ferry, you’ll have to get off the bus and walk on to the ferry, leaving your luggage inside the bus as the bus will drive onto the ferry. The ferry first goes from Puntarenas to Paquera, and from Paquera, it’s a short drive, around 10-15 minutes to Montezuma.

In total, it takes the bus approximately 6 hours to reach its final destination.

Departure Times
San Jose 6:00 AM & 2:00 PM
Montezuma 5:30 AM & 2:30 PM
Santa Teresa 5:15 AM & 2:00 PM
Cobano 6:00 AM & 3:00 PM

Transportes Cobano Contact Info:

Phone #s: 2642-1112/1117 (Cobano) or 2221-7479 (San Jose)
Facebook: Fan Page
Address in SJ: La terminal de buses de San Carlos, 500mts Norted et la Iglesia de la Merced, Calle 12 Entre Avenida 7 y 9