Habaneros Restaurant | Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Habaneros Restaurant | Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Habaneros Restaurant is an ocean front restaurant and cafe which is located at Playa Cielo in the tropical town of Santa Teresa, on Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica. The restaurant is found about 300 meters north of Tropico Latino Hotel. According to the reviews on TripAdvisor the restaurant is a little expensive but serves delicious food. The restaurant has a nice ambiance with an amazing and most cordial staff. The restaurant offers a wide range of options that include breakfasts, brunch, lunch, dinners and late night dining. They also have a number of some nice beverages such as beers, wines, cocktails, smoothies and hot drinks. Habaneros Restaurant is one of the most highly rates eateries in Santa Teresa. It is a Mexican style place that has scrumptious Mexican cuisines, local daily specials and superb fusion of other cuisines. The most popular dish is ‘catch of the day’ fish which is totally fresh prepared in rich flavorful spices and herbs.

Habaneros Restaurant has an outdoor set up over a large area fronted by a sparkling white sand beach and azure ocean. There arehabaneros restaurant comfortable sofa bench seating with soft pillows under the shade of umbrellas. The place is ideal for all sorts of vacations, be it a romantic date, a family dinner, a business meeting, a birthday party and even a wedding feast. It can easily accommodate large parties and welcomes kids as well. Although the menu is a bit pricey as compared to other restaurants in Santa Teresa, the food is so delicious that it is worth the money! Some of the most popular dishes are tortilla salad, lobster tacos, shrimp and tuna skewers, nacho chips and shrimp burritos. There is a full array of desserts and drinks as well. The menu has a lot more variety to offer. If you are a part of a large party, the restaurant will serve you with a various sauces including their specialty, the spicy habaneros sauce! At Habaneros Restaurant, eat to your heart’s content, sip on refreshing cocktails and enjoy the lovely panoramas of the Pacific Ocean.

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Location: Playa Cielo, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Rates : $ 7 – $ 25 per person

Cuisines : Mexican

Type: Restaurant, Cafe

Dining Options: Breakfast, Lunch, Brunch, Dinners, Take Outs, Late Night

Phone Number: +506 2640 1106

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