Flights to Santa Teresa | Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Flights to Santa Teresa | Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

These days one of the most popular and hassle free ways to reach Santa Teresa is through a domestic connecting flight from San Jose to Tambor. Travelers who have this sort of budget can reach San Jose via either air or ground transport. Upon arrival to San Jose, Nature Air or Sansa Airlines will serve to fly them to Tambor Airport. From here, the journey to Santa Teresa is as short as a 45 minute drive by various available ground transport services. You will find the details of these services provided in their respective sections on this website.

Nature Air and Sansa Airlines have only one route and that is flying to and from Tambor to San Jose. Therefore taking a connecting flight to San Jose is a must. While this may be a little heavy on the pocket, it is a convenient way to travel for those who prefer to have a smooth journey. The ticket prices vary throughout the year, so the more careful of planners can keep a look out on when they’re going up or down and schedule their trip accordingly.

From December to April is the season of tourists therefore many flights are scheduled then. During the rainfall season the frequency of tourists coming in is on the lower side. Therefore, keep in mind that in the former situation book your flight well months or weeks before whereas in the latter situation you can be spontaneous carry out the whole plan in a matter of couple of days as well.

While some may think it might be a tedious task to go from Tambor Airport to Santa Teresa by land, it is not so. The travel to the beach town is picturesque and like the perfect appetizer it makes you all ready and hungry for the tasteful beauty and adventures of Santa Teresa. Santa Teresa is a magical beachtown all throughout twenty four hours. The divinity of its sunsets and sunrises as they spread glitter and shimmer over all of its land and water is indescribable.

The price of the ticket depends on a various factors and ranges between $60-$90, one way.

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Between the two airlines, this one triumphs. Nature Air has good quality planes. Their customer service is full of warmth and excellence. From the very first contact you have with them when they answer to your phone, to  handling bookings, and then catering you on the flight is professional, cooperative, and customer friendly for both locals and English speaking foreign customers.

Website: Nature Air
Phone: CR: (506) 2299 6000 / US: 1-800-235-9272


With a higher amount of operational flights, Sansa is the preferable choice for people arriving internationally and for those who want a flight transfer directly to one of the beach towns. Sansa flies out from the international airport in San Jose.

Website: Sansa
Phone: CR: (506) 2290-4100 / US: 1-877-767-2672