Driving Directions to Santa Teresa | Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Driving Directions to Santa Teresa | Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

You start off by driving to the west from the San Jose airport. After around 10 minutes take an exit to Atenas. Take a left and cross over the highway, driving for another 2km. Take another left, between a blue school and a soccer field (there’s no sign to the new highway). Drive another 3.5km and you’ll reach the new highway. Just before the new highway, take a left and drive on to the onramp. This freeway will take you to Caldera and it will curve to the right, leading all the way to Puntarenas. When you see a sign on the right looping you on to to  the road to Puntarenas, drive to the end of the road. Puntarenas is on a long spit of land, and the ferry terminal is on the very tip of it. The whole trip can take around an hour and a half, saving you an hour from what it used to be before.

At the Ferry terminal, you will find two ferries; Tambor II and Tambor III. To get the schedule, call 2661-2084 ext 4. Since its in spanish, it is recommended to ask the rental car company to translate. One ferry leave for Pquera and the other to Naranjo. You take the Paquera Ferry. When the ferry anchors, follow the main road, as it’ll take you to the left, through Tambor, to Cobano, in around 45 minutes. On reaching Cobano, drive through the town till the paved road ends. Drive another mile and then take a left when you see a sign to Malpais. Drive twenty minutes towards El Cruce, the Malpais/Santa Teresa crossroads. On reaching the main beach road, to the left will be Malpais and everything to the right is Santa Teresa, with its beautiful hotels and restaurants.

The total duration of the trip will be around four and a half hours. We recommend renting a small 4×4 vehicle, whether its a dry or a rainy season. While lower-priced ca rental companies will save you around $25 per a day, compared to other famous US/International car rentals, you’ll experience poor customer service.

Driving Directions from Liberia to Santa Teresa

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From Liberia airport, you’ll drive down the east side of the Nicoya peninsula. In the dry season, that is between December and April, you may be able to make it through the west coast, however, in the other months, the rivers will be too full to be able to drive through them.

You’ll pass through the following towns while driving from Liberia to Santa Teresa;
Santa Cruz
Playa Naranjo

On arriving at Cobano, drive straight through the town till the road turns to gravel. Drive for another  mile or two, and  take a left turn when you see the sign.Drive for another 20 minutes till you get to “El Cruce” (The Crossroads). You’ll come across a small shopping area and Frank’s Place. If you take a left along the beach road, everything in that direction is Malpais. Taking a right will take you to Playa Carmen and a drive further north is Santa Teresa.

The duration will be around three and a half hours and it is recommended to rent at least a small 4×4 vehicle such as a Bego.